News September 13, 2022

Zurich announce partnership with Marine Conservation Society

Zurich customers now help support the largest sea grass recovery operation in England to save vital seabed habitats around UK coasts, part of a new initiative with the Marine Conservation Society. Click to read more.

News August 16, 2022

Lithium-ion Batteries on Marine Vessels

Lithium-ion batteries are viewed as more environmentally friendly than regular wet cell batteries. However, despite the environmental advantages, Lithium-ion batteries are still capable of increased fire risk... Read more.

News May 11, 2022

6 of the Best Scenic Canal Routes in the UK

Our landscapes are crisscrossed with almost 2,000 miles of canals, all asking to be explored, so the question that faces canal boat owners is which one will you pick? Click to read more

News October 14, 2021

Boat Fires: know the risks and how to prevent the worst

Boat fires can have the ability to spiral out of control very quickly and could easily result in the destruction of the vessel. Even fires that could be considered small, can cause considerable smoke and heat damage to your boat. This blog aims to inform you of the causes for common boat fires and advice on how to prevent them. 

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News March 22, 2021

Learning how to pack a narrowboat stern gland

As a narrowboater, there may come a time where your narrowboat takes on water, and in the event of this you may need to adjust the stern gland.

News February 22, 2021

Narrowboat Batteries

Narrowboat owners mostly use wet cell batteries on their boats, however as technology is improving they are now considering the others advantages of gel and AGM batteries.

News January 28, 2021

Portable Generators for Narrowboat Owners

Explaining the potential dangers with using portable generators on Narrowboats.

News January 11, 2021

Service Update - Phone Lines

Our phone lines are back up and running.

News November 9, 2020

Narrowboat Stoves

Many narrowboat and other rivercraft owners use solid fuel stoves to heat up their boat during the winter...

inland waterways lock uk
News October 28, 2020

Top Tips on Canal Lock Safety

Sharing our top tips on how to safely navigate through the inland waterways locks.

News October 16, 2020

Boat Breakdown Recovery

We offer boat breakdown cover to give boat owners real peace of mind when cruising on the inland waterways.

narrowboat on the inland waterways
News August 11, 2020

Preparing to Pass the Boat Safety Scheme

When purchasing a Narrowboat it is important to remember that you will require a Boat Safety Scheme certificate. Here are a few things you should keep in mind.

narrowboats moored in a marina
News August 6, 2020

Top 5 Marinas to Visit on the Inland Waterways

Top 5 Marinas we think are worth a visit when planning your next trip on your narrowboat.

News July 28, 2020

Pubs Re-opening on the Canal Towpaths

Pubs and restaurants are starting to re-open on the canals with certain guidelines in place.

narrowboat propeller, weedhatch
News July 22, 2020

Checking and Maintaining the Weed Hatch on your Narrowboat

In this article, we share why it’s important to keep your weed hatch clear of debris on your narrowboat.

Narrowboats on the inland waterways, narrowboat running costs, Collidge & Partners
News July 15, 2020

How to Lower your Narrowboat Running Costs

Sharing our top tips on how to lower your narrowboat running costs.

First-time narrowboat owner, narrowboat on the inland waterways
News July 7, 2020

Finding the Perfect Narrowboat

If you’re a first-time narrowboat buyer then you should check out our useful thoughts and contacts to guide you through the buying process.

narrowboat maintenance checks, tools
News July 3, 2020

Narrowboat Maintenance Checks

Before your next trip, be sure to check there are no signs of water inside your boat and that your oil levels are correct.

narrowboat entering a lock, Collidge & Partners
News June 22, 2020

Tips on de-winterising your boat

For those of you who have not yet had the chance to get out on your boat this year, we have put together a few tips on how to get your boat ready for the sunnier days.

senior couple cruising on their narrow boat
News June 15, 2020

Narrowboat Insurance Buyer's Guide

In our guide, we cover all the elements of our comprehensive narrowboat insurance, so you can be sure it is the right cover for you and your boat.

narrowboat on the inland waterways
News June 9, 2020

Getting ready to be out on the water again

Check out Canals Onine's top tips on how to get your boat prepared for your next trip out on the water after lockdown.

Sailing boats in marina
News June 2, 2020

Marinas and boatyards re-open after lockdown

Marinas and boatyard will begin to re-open to boat owners who haven't been able to visit their vessels due to lockdown.

canal boats, narrowboats moored alongside each other
News May 26, 2020

How to keep your narrowboat safe from theft

Want to find out how to keep your boat well protected against the risk of theft? In this article, we outline the best ways to prevent this.

Small boat/cruiser
News May 19, 2020

Our Small Boat Insurance

When you buy your first boat, all the considerations can be daunting but we're here to help with arranging the right insurance that meets your requirements. Take a look at our small boat insurance cover.

boy riding his bike alongside canals with narrowboat moored
News May 6, 2020

Frequently asked questions on the inland waterways

Are you a new narrowboat owner with unanswered questions on the inland waterways? 

narrowboats moored in a marina canal boats
News April 29, 2020

Boating Services on the Inland Waterways

If you're a narrowboat owner, check our list of services available to you on the inland waterways.

Learn how to handle a narrowboat
News April 21, 2020

Learn how to handle a Narrowboat on the Inland Waterways

Top tips on how to handle a Narrowboat with access to courses to improve your knowledge. Our narrowboat insurance includes protection in the event of an accident.

General boat maintenance breakdown assistance
News April 15, 2020

General Boat Maintenance

Carrying out general boat maintenance is simple and could end up saving you a lot of money in the long run on potential call out charges. We've put together a list of useful equipment to keep on board and top tips on how to prevent a breakdown.

Coronavirus outbreak
News April 9, 2020

How narrow boaters are affected by COVID-19

Here at Collidge & Partners we wanted to provide our clients with an interpretation on how to implement the government’s guidance on COVID-19 and as a boater.

Narrowboats moored alongside each other
News March 30, 2020

Looking to trade from your vessel?

There are a few considerations that you should bear in mind before starting to sell on the canal network.

widebeam map
News March 25, 2020

Cruising on a Wide Beam on the Inland Waterways

Owning a wide beam can be tough when planning a trip as many inland waterways are not suitable for the size of these vessels.

inland waterways lock uk
News March 17, 2020

Five things to do before setting off on your journey

Many boaters forget the importance of carrying out the relevant checks to prepare their boat before travelling on the inland waterways.

Submerged narrowboat
News March 9, 2020

Attention all boaters – some insurers have removed “Salvage or Wreck Removal” cover!

Sinking is a major risk and can leave boat owners with a hefty bill, not only for the cost of damage to their boat, but also the costs of recovering it from the waterway.

narrowboats riverboats on canal in winter
News November 6, 2019

Prepare your narrowboat for the cold weather

With the winter season just around the corner, you should start preparing your narrowboat for cold and sub-zero temperatures. Making all required arrangements for your narrowboat ahead of the winter season will avoid costly repair bills, unsafe trips and an uncomfortable stay.

row of narrowboats on canal
News September 20, 2019

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